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Kudos ,Another Job Well Done !!
I don't know what I've done without you finding these belts for me. I rec'd them,put them in & the tape deck is up and running like it was new. Kudos,another job well done and a happy customer again. Thanks for the pens you sent me. As the terminator said" I'll be back". Thanks Again
P. Webb from Lexington , Kentucky

Industrial V-Belts -D's

1-1/4" TOP WIDTH

Belt Number Outside Length Belt Number Outside length
D128 133.0" D315 317.2"
D144 149.0" D330 332.2"
D158 163.0" D345 347.2"
D162 167.0" D360 362.2"
D173 178.0" D390 392.2"
D180 185.0" D420 422.2"
D195 200.0" D450 452.2"
D210 215.0" D480 482.2"
D225 227.2" D540 542.2"
D240 242.2" D600 602.2"
D255 257.2" D660 662.2:
D270 272.2"
D285 287.2"
D300 302.2"