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I'll keep the fires lit for you folks here in Yank
Keep doing what your doing !
It is very refreshing to me to find a company that still does business the old fashion way . The pen & mint were a nice touch . Southern Ladies Rock ! :-)
Stevan from Flemington , N.J.

Double-V Belts-AA


Belt Number Outside Length Belt Number Outside Length
AA51 54.2" AA80 83.2"
AA55 58.2" AA85 88.2"
AA60 63.2" AA90 93.2"
AA62 65.2" AA92 95.2"
AA64 67.2" AA96 99.2"
AA66 69.2" AA103 106.2"
AA68 71.2" AA105 108.2"
AA70 73.2" AA107 110.2"
AA71 74.2" AA112 115.2"
AA73 76.2" AA120 123.2"
AA75 78.2" AA128 131.2"
AA78 81.2"