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Working Fine !
Pleasure doing business with the BELT STORE.
Received the belts and they worked fine, "I have your number" so when I need more I will get in touch. You have a very professional customer service group and it was a very pleasing experience doing business with Belt Store.
The Haynes Camp Verde, Arizona



Is there anything to spray on a squeaky belt?
No. Any belt spray with a oilbase, swells the rubber, which appears to stop the noise. As soon as the oil wears out, the noise is worsened, and the oil deteriorates the belt. Replace you belt with a new one, and clean any oily substance on the pulleys.

Can you match the number on my old belt?
Very possible, We have a very large selection of cross-over guides to assist in matching your lawnmower and automotive part numbers or we can go buy the dimensions of your belt.

Do you stock replacement belts for most major appliances ?
Yes, We stock original and replacement belts for most all major appliances.Such name brands as Kenmore,Maytag,Speed Queen,Whirlpool,General Electric. We also can match and replace belts for commercial laundry equipment.

How can I find a belt if I have no model and or part number ?
We have excellence "hands on" experience,contact us with the application,and an idea of the appearance of the belt. And let us help identify your belt and get you running again with a belt from BELT STORE.

How can I look for a belt that has no number ?
Lots of belts have no numbers, Ex: vacuums,casette , vcr's, projectors,
Double-V, any application with a backside idler.
DISCRIBE YOUR BELT- Width, Lenght, V - w/teeth,
(round / square), stretchable/or not. LET US HELP
IN YOUR BELT NEEDS, and get your RUNNING AGAIN with a belt from BELT STORE.

How can I tell if my old belt is stretched ?
Belts don't actually stretch in length, the sidewalls wear from pulling, and your belt gets more narrow. That's what makes your belt appear to have stretched. Replace it with a new belt. It will bring your adjustment back to the original size belt.

How much tension should I put on my belt?
Without using a belt tensioner, RULE OF THUMB, Approximately 1/2'' deflection for a V-belt. The tighter you tension a belt, the faster it will wear out. Your belt should spring back when you press down on the backside.

Should I go to a shorter belt?
No. Always stay with the same size belt, unless you changed the size of the pulley or idler, that would cause the belt to be too long or too short.

What causes a belt to turn-over in the pulley?
Normally, a misalignment problem will wear the sidewalls unevenly, which will allow enough space for the belt to flip over. Or, in the case of a lawnmower, if you hit something, that would cause the deck to take a shock, the belt could flipover. Once this happens, the cords are usually damanged. Replace with a new belt.

What causes my lawnmower belt to crack inside ?
The cracks inside the V of your lawnmower belt could be caused by a couple of reasons. Over tensioning the belt causes cracks from the cord over-stressing to make a small bend at a high speed.(2)Picking up small branches,pine cones, and other debris goes through the pulley at the same time and cuts the belt like a knife cut..

What causes the cracks on my automotive belt?
The cracks are caused by heat. The cord line is at the top of the belt. If the back (flat)side of the belt is not damaged, DON'T be alarmed. Even your old belt COULD be a good spare to get you to a safe place.

What makes my car belt whistle?
The whistling sound comes from the wear of the side of the belt against the pulley, which allows a small space of air, which in turn sounds like a whistle.