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Vegas Vacation
Jackie Gaughan's Plaza
Recieved belt yesterday - Installed works great. Please send or fax invoice for belt. I will get check cut. I really appreciate your effort with this. Let me know if you ever desire to come to Las Vegas. Thanks again.
George in Las Vegas, Nevada

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The narrow profile design permits reduced drive widths and a considerably smaller drive envelope. They are a carrier of high horsepower loads with minimum stretch, better belt stability and Fewer take-up adjustments. They give more torque with little or no slippage. The result: Savings, in time, belt life and energy costs. These belts are oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistant.


Bricksaws, Concrete Cutting Equipment, Sewer Systems, Compressors, Parking Lot Cleaning Equipment, Oilfield Equipment, Textile Machinery, Wood Working Machinery.